Powerful Insights. Actionable Intelligence.

Optiko offers organizations a flexible platform for enterprise mobile intelligence. We believe companies should not spend time & resources building complex systems for gathering data. With Optiko, we deliver value to all levels of your organization, providing insights that allow you to monitor, analyze and act on business critical information.

Total Visibility

Empower the entire organization with business and support goals. There is more to enterprise mobile than battery life and network signal strength.
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Enterprise Focused

With more than a decade of experience supporting large scale enterprise mobile systems, our tools increase the effectiveness of your devices & applications in the field.
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Realize Your Potential

Focus on the insights that help make your company more productive and competitive. Optiko offers flexible solutions that change based on your needs.
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See it. Know it. Decide.

Never waste time or resources heading in the wrong direction. Luck has nothing to do with it - data does.