A Decade of Experience Yields Designs for the Future, Now

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With over a decade of experience in enterprise mobility, we know what it takes to perform a successful deployment; whether it’s rolling out new applications, installing devices or migrating from the legacy WinCE devices. We’ve worked with most devices, OSs, MDMs and application analytics software out there and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. In the process, we’ve come to know the pains of performing such deployments. We used this hands-on experience and knowledge gained to shape the direction for Optiko, our solution for resolving typical issues in enterprise mobility.

How We Know What We Know

Back in the early 2000s when BlueFletch was just a twinkle in the founding partners’ eye, we all worked at Accenture on a project with the United States Postal Service. They were rolling out their first ever mobile devices — 320,000+ new devices along with custom software, to which we owned the development, rollout and support.  We found that the devices in those early days were slow and WIFI connectivity was unreliable, among other issues.  Despite being successful in that project, we often asked ourselves how we could gain more visibility into the devices in the field.

That one project was the first in over a decade of enterprise mobile experience where gaining visibility into what was happening on the devices, both individually and as a group, would have given our clients tremendous value by way of operational and process efficiency.   Over the next ten years we continued working with clients to realize their mobile enterprise strategies.  Among such clients were several major big box retailers, including The Home Depot, Haverty’s and Floor and Decor. We were brought in to upgrade in-store and warehouse rugged devices on projects ranging from choosing the best device to migrating legacy systems to a new MDM, validating MDM releases, validating hardware and developing and rolling out new applications.  In connection with these rollouts, we were tasked to perform reporting and analytics through tools like Splunk and big data software stacks such as Hadoop Cassandra, SOLR, Elasticsearch among others, both to help operations as well as validate business value for these projects.  

One thing became clear across all projects – insight into what was happening on an actual device and a history of the device behavior, would have saved time, money and headaches — especially in those war rooms where having no visibility into the device history meant finger pointing between the development, support and network infrastructure teams.

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