Optiko Support Application

The power of Optiko on the go, solving the toughest enterprise environment issues

  • Harness the power of Optiko on a local device
  • Run network speed test!
  • Generate device health reports (hardware, system, network and security)
  • Use as a support tool for Help Desk and Infrastructure teams
mobile business intelligence

Optiko Mobile Agent

Mobile device agent provides your organization the mobile insights to drive you business forward

  • Works in tandem with our Optiko Cloud offering or integrate with existing analytics/big-data solutions
  • Collects up to 60 data points every 30s
  • Log application events with our SDK
  • Monitor and compliance and track devices
  • Supports: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows CE
Optiko Mobile Agent

Optiko Cloud Dashboard

With access to all of the data logs and device information surrounding a particular event or app, developers are able to solve problems faster.

  • Utilize data to drive decisions regarding enterprise mobility usage, device lifetime and maintenance costs
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Proactively identify contributing OS, wifi access or hardware factors without relying on reports from end users
  • Enable cross departmental communication to better allocate resources
  • Reduce service and support costs
mobile business intelligence

See it. Know it. Decide.

Never waste time or resources heading in the wrong direction. Luck has nothing to do with it - data does.