Optiko Cloud Dashboard is a dynamic experience with full drill-down functionality featuring several options for reports, data visualization and alerts that allow you to view your data in ways that work for your organization. Across your enterprise Optiko’s analytics will provide the right level of visibility; from teams generating application metric reports to deep dives into network performance. Let Optiko be your catalyst to better business decisions.

Optiko’s application SDK & cloud Software view allows organizations to meter enterprise applications in the field for application performance and user behavior with easy-to-consumer data visualization. Giving your organization the data it needs to achieve maximum return on enterprise mobility investments. Our cutting edge analytics complement and enhance traditional mobile device management solutions, giving you unparalleled insight across your organization. Optiko ensures our clients can proactively monitor, analyze and act on business critical information.

  • Achieve maximum ROI from enterprise mobility investments
  • Collect and analyze key business data in order to gain an accurate, actionable view of the enterprise as a whole.
  • Insights on user behavior and application flow allows teams to save money by increasing employee productivity

Optiko’s dashboard prioritizes card information based on thresholds you provide. Have the data that matters at your finger tips. Optiko ensures operational best practices, informed mobile app investments and guides end user training. Optiko provides actionable analytics that impact your entire organization.

  • Have the data to support buying decisions
  • Know when to complete a device evaluation or table development on additional applications
  • Quickly and easily identify the root cause of an issue or event
  • Ensure security with alerts, triggers, thresholds and security checks
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Identify employee behavior that does not follow best practices

Optiko’s Device Data tab allows power users to dive deeper into the data with custom queries. Explore your organization’s data for a more personable experience when proactively identifying issues in network, hardware, systems, applications and security. Data visibility and customizable manipulation lets you see the data that matters to you.

  • Identify and eliminate bugs before they go into production
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Reduce service and support costs
  • Elasticsearch query syntax

See it. Know it. Decide.

Never waste time or resources heading in the wrong direction. Luck has nothing to do with it - data does.