Mobile business intelligence has never been so important to the success of the enterprise. Optiko mobile BI and analytics provide invaluable tools to both the help desk, internal IT teams and end users when troubleshooting issues in the field. Having the right information at your finger tips results in an improved end user experience and better communication between departments and across your organization.  Optiko Support Application provides offline visibility into hardware, system, applications, network, security and operations.

With our mobile application, IT and help desk teams can see what a device is actually doing, freeing them unreliable employee accounts. Don’t waste time, effort and resources struggling with disruptive events – the solution is right in front of you. Allow Optiko to unlock your potential. 

Optiko, enterprise mobility, business intelligence

Optiko Mobile Application is an invaluable support tool for help desks and infrastructure IT teams. We provide unprecedented insight into individual mobile device behavior and usage patterns in real time. Optiko proactively identifies contributing OS, wifi access and hardware factors without relying on reports from end users. The result is dramatically reduced help desk service and support costs and improved worker productivity.

  • Quickly run health tests on hardware, network, system and security
  • Know what version of OS and applications are on an individual device
  • Identify the network a device user is on


Optiko, enterprise mobility, business intelligence

Enterprise mobile devices live and die by their connection to a backend system. Unreliable networks can disrupt an organization leading to lower employee satisfaction and investing huge amounts of money in infrastructure troubleshooting. For organizations that use VoIP services, reliable broadband speed is a core necessity for the daily work of every employee. A network testing tools is an essential tool for enterprises to track their connection and test their environment.

Understanding Your Speed Test Results

There are a few important terms to know during and after our network test:

  • Download Speed: the speed at which your connection delivers data to your device. This is the maximum amount of info your device can receive from the Internet or Intranet in a given second. Download speed is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps).
  • Upload Speed: the reverse of download speed, this tracks the maximum amount of information that your device can send to the Internet or Intranet. This is also measured in Mbps.
  • Ping: determines if backend resources are reachable or not from your device.
Optiko, enterprise mobility, business intelligence

Optiko brings unique insight into disruptions, device-specific events and the applications installed on deployed devices. With access to data logs and device information surrounding a particular event or app, your IT team is able to solve problems faster. Devices in the field can get Optiko stats without hitting the cloud.

  • Deeper device information for debugging and troubleshooting
  • Identify bugs in new software before it goes into production
  • Profile network settings
  • Find memory leaks for apps or OS
  • Populates un-handled exceptions as they happen
  • See crashes and logs surrounding a particular event 

See it. Know it. Decide.

Never waste time or resources heading in the wrong direction. Luck has nothing to do with it - data does.