With over a decade of experience supporting enterprise mobile solutions we have developed a unique perspective. Every organization is different with slightly different needs, concerns and technology constraints. We have found a need for an enterprise mobile intelligence offering that is free of MDM and OEM device constraints.
Optiko, enterprise mobile intelligence, Richard Makerson, Brett Cooper

Why we built Optiko

Our BlueFletch clients wanted a more formal solution that we could leave behind after completing consulting engagements. We found there was also a lack of focused support for enterprise mobile intelligence solutions. So we set out to build a product that was flexible, customizable and secure. And that works!


Lack of OEM and Industry Support

Devices in the enterprise have historically not been well supported. Tooling from OEM device manufactures and Mobile Device Management systems still have functionality gaps. Optiko fills the void left by OEMs and MDMs to support the business need of enterprise mobile visibility


Broad Industry Insight

Optiko was built with years of insight supporting ruggedized device deployments, touch-less MDM migrations and enterprise application support and maintenance across various industries. From retailers to warehousing, logistics and funded start-ups we have supported numerous clients in various industries.

Ready to Focus on your Business

Let us build the tools so that your organization can focus on becoming more productive, profitable and competitive.