Optiko was built from a decades worth of enterprise mobile experience. As a team, we have felt the pain of devices failing, bugs in the OS, faulty parts and spotty networks in some of the industry’s largest enterprise mobile deployments and we know how to handle it all. We focus on building enterprise tools so that you can focus on making your business more competitive, profitable and secure.

Immediate Value Add

Optiko monitors and measures behavior, performance, and usage of enterprise devices, applications & users to provide actionable data for an immediate impact to your business.

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows CE

We work with any platform, on any mobile device, with any MDM.

Visibility – Complete & Centralized

Optiko gives the enterprise a complete view of hardware and user events, systems performance and business process analysis in one centralized location.

Compliance Made Easy

Monitor compliance and track devices. Create alerts to send notifications when there are security issues such as unauthorized downloads, compromised devices or bugs in a software update. Or create alerts based on your own requirements.

See How Optiko Works For Your Enterprise Devices

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