Focus on ROI

Optiko provides critical information on user behavior, potential security risks, network performance and much more. With a clear view of how people, devices and information flow through your enterprise environment you can start to make business decisions based on facts…not best guesses.

Identify Application Utilization

Business teams can properly allocate resources based on how applications and features are actually used, when and by whom. Your team can maximize resources, training and communications for applications in the field based on how they are actually utilized.

Equip a Pro-Active Help Desk

Optiko identifies issues in the OS, network, hardware and software without relying on reports from end users. The resulting ROI is reduced service and support costs, optimized device utilization and increased employee productivity. Stop wasting empty hours waiting for someone to call in an issue and maximize your help desk investment by finding problems in the field before they are reported.

Open Communication = Improved Business Processes

Unlock the power of your enterprise mobile fleet by enabling mobile engagement across your organization. With the help of BlueFletch’s Enterprise Launcher, Optiko connects the back office with end users in the field. Increase the effectiveness and productivity of communications with Message Center. Confirm issues in the field, gauge product/sales rollouts from associates, confirm acknowledgement of a daily safety reminder…the possibilities are endless.

See How Optiko Can Unleash Insights For You

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