Optiko enterprise mobile intelligence solution provides ROI across your entire organization. Here are just a few benefits –

Return on Enterprise Mobility Investments

Return on investment shouldn’t be a mystery. Optiko provides insights that allow you to identify anomalies in your enterprise ecosystem.

  • Reduce duplicate development efforts and focus on your core business
  • Invest and maximize efficiency in applications and equipment use based on usage metrics
  • Predictive analysis to pre-determine hardware failures (i.e. device components & batteries)
  • Validate money spent with proven metrics

Proactive & Predictive

Reduce help desk head count & ticket times while optimizing device uptime & usage. With Optiko, our clients are better prepared for unplanned emergencies and improve worker productivity while reducing service and support cost.

  • Proactively identify issues before they are reported
  • Support tools that improve the communication between the help desk and end user
  • Discover usage patterns and react to unwanted behaviors before they become serious issues

Hardware Evaluations

Optiko gives your organization the tools you need to support buying decisions. Our analytics provide unmatched insight into the status and health of your entire device population.

  • Compare devices from multiple manufactures in the field before next-generation upgrades
  • Build a business case by baselining the performance of legacy devices and measuring against modern enterprise devices. e.g. Is now the right time to upgrade from Windows CE?!?
  • Compare device batteries from different manufactures to prove the business case of OEM vs. 3rd-Party battery replacements

Stop Guessing - Start Knowing

When you’re dealing with a large enterprise, things will inevitably go wrong. Its how you handle it that matters. Instead of pointing fingers, let data show you the way.

  • Discover the root of an issue
  • Identify security issues, including compromised devices
  • Identify employee behavior that does not follow best practices

See How Optiko Can Unlock Your Potential

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